Advance Screening of 42: The True Story of An American Legend


Be sure to rsvp for the advanced screening of 42: The True Story of An American Legend. Its the powerful story of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier that prevented Blacks from playing Major League Baseball in the 1940s. Click here to view the invite and rsvp information.


Brothers For Excellence at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Jason Macias

Jason Macias

Steven Hall

Steven Hall

On Wednesday, March 20th, I had the privilege of going to Hunter College’s Undergraduate Research Conference. During my visit, I had the chance to learn about some of the latest scientific research from Brothers For Excellence members, Jason Macias and Steven Hall!  The experience was fascinating; and I had the pleasure of learning something new and practical that gave me new perspective.

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Thoughts on My First Half of Lolita

I’ve been reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov for my Sexuality in American Culture Class and I wrote a response on my reactions. If you’re not familiar, Lolita is a psychoanalyst’s rendering of a College Professor’s account about his sexual mores involving a 12 year old. The book has been highly controversial since it’s been published in 1956 and many of its references are still present in American Culture. Feel free (if you read the book, or if you have thoughts about deviancy and perversion) to share your thoughts!

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Our Blog!

It’s great to be here! As one of the current team leaders for BFE at Hunter College, it’s wonderful to be in this space where we can all share our thoughts and ideas! I look forward to sharing more with you all very soon! It’s going to be amazing, I know it :).

-Malachi Washington

Thoughts on Turning 21

Over the last few weeks, my only priority has been to provide my friends the support they deserve to explore their fears, pursue their passions and delve deeper into the most intimate parts of the human condition. I want this badly for myself and want it badly for my friends. We cannot engage in this project during class time and suspend it afterwards. It is something that is expansive, applicable and transformative. It cannot digress. Each word is draped in several meanings, easily transferrable to a page, easily parsed out to give you a singular perspective of your pleasing. By this, I understand myself and my world. And from this questioning, I express my unabashed and most sacred hope for my brothers: may we challenge our collective social understanding. May we adapt and be adapted. May we challenge convention by convention. The philosopher’s tools dismantle the master’s tools. The master’s house will be rebuilt in our image. May we be bold. May we be reckless. Our collective understanding cannot simply end at glory–for that is not the meaning of life.

– Kwame Ocran