Brothers For Excellence at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Jason Macias

Jason Macias

Steven Hall

Steven Hall

On Wednesday, March 20th, I had the privilege of going to Hunter College’s Undergraduate Research Conference. During my visit, I had the chance to learn about some of the latest scientific research from Brothers For Excellence members, Jason Macias and Steven Hall!  The experience was fascinating; and I had the pleasure of learning something new and practical that gave me new perspective.

Jason Macias concentrated his research around ‘Comparative Genomics.’ Through his research, he will be able to more accurately help scientist trace genetic codes to species with similar genotypes. Long term, this will helps humanity learn to discover how we have evolved, and exactly in what ways we do yet evolve. Groundbreaking stuff!!

Steven Hall focused on studying understanding ‘Off targets of drugs’. Essentially, I learned that you may be able understand how prescription drugs may or may not be in relation to one another by understanding its ingredients.  Maybe I should be checking the ingredients on side of the bottle more often!!

Also, one of our academic advisors, Dr. Karen Philips, presented in the main cafeteria. She was dynamic, informative and encouraging to all students. She has such a passion for teaching, and it is very clear when she stands up and speaks.

Great time!  Can’t wait for next year!

Shawn Best

Brothers For Excellence Coordinator – Hunter College Black Male Initiative


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