Comedy and Taxes

I found out this Spring Break that the two can actually go together.

I was doing my taxes at Hunter and I met a pretty funny guy who struck up a conversation with me. We ended chatting the whole evening away (until we were the only two people waiting for our returns at 9PM). We discussed college, comedy, acting, LinkedIn and of course, taxes (all necessary parts of our lives, I suppose.) After getting to know him, I learned that he was a freelance actor who worked on commercials for Textbook Assault and made videos with Reality Celebs for Bossip. Completely unexpected, but well worth my time! I used to watch Love And Hip-Hop and to meet someone who interviews the celebs and deals with the drama in a really funny way was interesting and refreshing. Bryan Williams was really funny, endearing and genuine. His alter ego, Ryan Hankley is equally entertaining. So, I decided to add him on LinkedIn. You can call it a connection, but I don’t want to think in those terms. There are 8.25 million people in NY and each person has an interesting story to tell. He really put me at ease, he was funny, and he made my taxes a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Feel free to watch his videos here!


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