End of the Year Celebration

This year’s Black Male Initiative program has come to an end with a celebration that was a complete success. A special thanks goes out our host actor/comedian Michael Lewis who certainly kept everyone laughing. There were many great people who shared their amazing stories, BMI members showcased their talents, and awards given to those who achieved excellence. To top it all off there was plenty of yummy food to go around and there were some people who just couldn’t get enough of the tasty ribs that were on the menu. But the absolute best part of the entire event was event was witnessing the successful of former Hunter College BMI members and hearing their stories of what BMI has done for them.
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Reasons You Should Have a Mentor

Having a mentor is said to be one of the most important keys to success. I believe finding the right mentor is important early on but also it is never to late to have a mentor at any point in your life or career. In a recent article in am New York  says there are four ways to acquire senior mentorship. 
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An Inside Look: Whitney Young Jr.



At this week’s BMI meeting, Dr. Marcia Cantarella showcased the story of her father Whitney Young Jr. during his fight in the civil right movement. BMI members got an exclusive inside look into the new film The Power BrokerContinue reading

Salted Wounds: On Identity Politics and Petty Antagonism

Conflicted. That’s how I’ve felt since the discussion about General Petraeus began at Macaulay last month. But not for an obvious reason. Once again, I’ve found myself at the crossroads of two very important elements of my life: namely, my activism and my academics. To be honest, I still haven’t crafted an informed perspective that can help me navigate how to feel about Gen. Petraeus. Controversies surround this man of immense intelligence, making him a polarizing figure in personal and professional circles. However, I do know that there is something inherently wrong with the contention between the Macaulay General Assembly (GA) and the Hertog Scholars Program.

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Confidence, Discipline and Consistency

Confidence – Doing what you know how to do, because you’ve been there before and you have experienced success in doing that thing.

Discipline – Making a game plan and sticking to it, despite inconveniences.

Consistency – Exhibiting high character and being willing to honor your commitments, and steadily build your path to success towards that commitment.

I hope for everyone you at Hunter College to experience these three words from the time you walk through the BMI doors, to the time you leave.


A Word from Joshua Ratcliffe: Focusing vs. Multi-tasking

Joshua Ratcliff- Graduate Intern for the CUNY Hunter College Black Male Initiative says “try to be the best at one particular thing. We are all good at many things, but actually focusing on one particular skill-set will allow you to become an expert. Give the first skill-set the opportunity to grow”. Joshua spoke on a number of things in this interview.

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Panel of Greatness

We are all aware of African American role models such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – one of the most prominent leaders during the Civil Rights movement. Barack Obama- the current and first African American President of the United States. Jackie Robinson- The first black Major League Baseball player of the modern era. Rosa Parks– A civil rights activist, who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. The aforementioned historical figures are role models to numerous people all over the world. However, this Wednesday’s Black Male Initiative meeting consisted of a panel of African American role models working right here under our own roof at Cuny Hunter College. BMI members had an amazing opportunity to hear the panel share some of their stories, and role models were growing up. So, it is my pleasure to list and sharing them for you.

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