A Word from Joshua Ratcliffe: Focusing vs. Multi-tasking

Joshua Ratcliff- Graduate Intern for the CUNY Hunter College Black Male Initiative says “try to be the best at one particular thing. We are all good at many things, but actually focusing on one particular skill-set will allow you to become an expert. Give the first skill-set the opportunity to grow”. Joshua spoke on a number of things in this interview.

Leon Bodden: When did you realize it was important to focus?

Joshua: In 1998 at the age of 25 is when everything it started to sink in. I was trying to pursue both school and rapping only made things unclear as to what I wanted to do.

Leon: Can you explain the exact feeling as to what it was that you realized at that time? Joshua: I tried pursuing both endeavors; I became a Jack of all trades but a master of none. I knew at that moment it was time to focus on one thing.

Leon: What advice would you give a young person such as me? You know I aspire to be the greatest entrepreneur this world has ever seen and also enjoys being involved in many different things at once.

Joshua: You can do many things, but what is going to be your day job? Leon: Right now I am is trying different enterprises to find his nitch.

Joshua: Establish how you are going to work effectively for the rest of your life. Focus on your number one priority. Anything that takes more time than your priority will take away from what you are trying to do. Write out what you would like to do in life, the same as you would write a business plan.


Feel free to comment. We want to hear what you think. Do you focus or multi-task?


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