End of the Year Celebration

This year’s Black Male Initiative program has come to an end with a celebration that was a complete success. A special thanks goes out our host actor/comedian Michael Lewis who certainly kept everyone laughing. There were many great people who shared their amazing stories, BMI members showcased their talents, and awards given to those who achieved excellence. To top it all off there was plenty of yummy food to go around and there were some people who just couldn’t get enough of the tasty ribs that were on the menu. But the absolute best part of the entire event was event was witnessing the successful of former Hunter College BMI members and hearing their stories of what BMI has done for them.

Kwabena Donkor and Michael Lewis perfect examples of yet again BMI success stories. Kwabena Donkor is was an economic student at Hunter College.  He is graduating this Spring with a BA and MA in Economics.  And, he is headed to be on an Economics research team at Princeton in the fall. He revealed what his life was like prior to the BMI program, and what it is now.  Clearly, BMI helped him establish the confidence to achieve many goals that he did not think was possible.  Michael Lewis spoke about how BMI connected him with the opportunity to work for the NBA for a stint.  He experience taught him to work hard and overcome obstacles at all costs.

Between the food, the images, the awards ceremony, and the community, the Brothers For Excellence End of the Year Celebration was a big success, and highlighted many members of our community and their positive work.  It is clear that all those who join Brothers For Excellence are going in the right direction – Academically, Socially and Holistically.


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