Welcome to Brothers For Excellence Fall 2014!

Shawn Best and Cohort Leader Steven Hall leading the discussion

Hey Students,

I want to take a moment out to greet and a warm welcome to all those students who showed up for Welcome Day @Hunter College August 13th 2014. Boy that day was special we had a full house of brand new hunter college students who showed up dressed, pressed and ready to bring they’re best. We had an amazing discussion panel with our new cohort leaders Zenas Gallion, Steven Hall, Raul Franco Jr., and myself Quentin Jackson. Also in attendance and the greatly appreciated company of our fine Project Coordinator Shawn Best, our Co- Founder Marcia Cantaralla, and Dean John Rose. We had an awesome full course continental breakfast, and a full course lunch which followed by our famous scavenger hunt. Then we capped our day off with our 2nd annual Brothers For Excellence walk across the Brooklyn bridge. Our welcome day was so memorable I just had to take pictures, you can see all photos on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brothersfor.excellence & also posted on our like page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brothers-For-Excellence/280291995510271 just come check us out we have an exciting eventful fall semester ahead of us.

-Quentin A. Jackson
BMI Media Manager & Cohort Leader


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